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chukwudi nzeribe Deggerdoff, Germany

I applied for admission in 2015 in Germany but was denied because i had just finished secondary school. I contacted and they advised me to go to Russia for my first year. After my first semester in Russia i used the transcript to reapply to Germany and was finally successful. The visa process was easy and simple as ABC. Thank you very much for all the effort you guys put in for me to achieve my dream.    

appia essien Berlin, Germany

Studying in Germany for my masters has been an amazing experience for me. The one yeare i spent in Russia gave me the opportunity to experience the people, culture and language of the place and today i speak Russian and German language fluently. This is an experience i think many students from Africa can benefit from.

caroline gabowe Hamburg, Germany

I was initially skeptical about going to Russia first because i really don't fancy the country but it turned out to be the best decision of my life.  Now i study for free in Germany, i am able to work to sustain my life here. In Russia i was not required  to create a block account before applying for German student visa. The only expenses was the cost of coming to Russia for the first year. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

Igwe Micheal Deggerdolf, Germany

..been able to work and study tuition free is something i never thought i will be able to achieve. i tried applying to Germany from Nigeria but the block account and stressful procedure discouraged me until i saw online. They processed the Russian admission and then helped with the transfer process after six months in Russia. I am very grateful for all the help i got from you guys. May God richly bless you at

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