Germany study review

All over the world, thousands of students are trooping to Germany for free education. This is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. While you study for free, you can get a part-time/full time job and earn up to 2000 Euros monthly. This is enough money to pay for your accommodation, food, transport and other utilities. Students in Germany are allowed to work 8 months part time or 4 months full time in a year.

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Canada study review

Canada is the most desired study destination for most students. Nigeria is the eight exporter of foreign students to Canada worldwide. English is the official language of communication making assimilation into the society a very easy process for students.  Canada is a very peaceful country with many job opportunities during and after your studies

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Russia study review

Russia Federation has emerged from her dormant years bigger, stronger, better and has taken her rightful place among the league of great nations.

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Estonia Study Review

Estonia is currently the number one choice for students who are self funding their education. why? The goverment of Estonia pay international students a monthly stipends of between 200-300 euros monthly, money if saved is enough to pay your tuition fees yearly. 

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Belarus study review

Not a very popular destination but Belarus has been gradually attracting foreign students due to its affordability and ease of access. There is no wild spread reported cases of racism.

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Poland study reveiw

Polish university education system has a history of 650 years of educating high profile professionals. It resulted with a profit not only for Poland, but also for many countries all over the world, where the Poles brought their profesionalism and the spirit of innovation. Want some examples? Ignacy Domeyko established the geology research in 19th century Chile.

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Romania study review

Romania is arguably the cheapest destination to study in the European Union. Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are equally cheap. For those who want the benefit of having an 'EU'certified degree, this is the most affordable place to get it.

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Caribbean Study Review

The beautiful and charming Caribbean Island of St. Kitts & Nervis is fast becoming a popular destination for obtaining a USA/UK standard medical/nursing degree for a fraction of the cost of obtaining same in the United States and United Kingdom.

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